Our Process

When working with exterior wall panel systems, it’s evident that the nature of the product itself dictates a very precise application. The reason many architects and owners are attracted to high performance products like aluminum composite material and high pressure laminate cladding panels is the creative freedom they allow while maintaining a lasting dependable quality. The clean, flat lines that can be created using these materials is a great benefit to architecture but the application must be extremely precise in order to convey that design in a real world setting. This is why Engineered Wall Systems invested in high definition scanning as a part of our engineering and fabrication process.
The exterior cladding process is a very specialized part of construction and it demands an acute attention to detail as it’s the first impression of a structure. Our highly specialized team of engineers and fabricators and state-of-the-art fabrication equipment coupled with our HD scanning process enables EWS to provide a seamless production of wall panel systems from the simplest to the most intricate designs.
Our process begins with a site measurement using our high definition scanner where the operator makes a very accurate and detailed 3D scan of the structure. That scan is then sent to our engineering team where they overlay 3D panels on the original structure scan. One immediate advantage to using this method is it allows the engineer to make precise drawings of panel layouts quickly. But an even greater advantage it gives us is that it allows them to draw the panels to fit the actual existing structure as scanned in the field instead of relying only on the original drawings and a field measurement by hand.
As we all know, architectural drawings and the actual finished framed structures are always a bit different. Even with the most experienced structural crews, there is going to be human error – a misreading of the drawings, angles that aren’t plumb, etc. Our process allows us to make sure the panels are made to fit the actual structure, as if we were onsite fabricating. If something seems off in the engineering process, we can zoom in to the finest detail and make corrections as needed BEFORE the panel is fabricated and shipped to the site for install. This process is a benefit for the simplest of designs, but an invaluable resource for more complex projects where hand measurements just can’t compare.
To learn more about high definition scanning and how it's integrated into our process, read about the details on our High Definition Scanning page.